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Exercise for Every Body

Pilates is a system of exercises that helps you find strength, balance and health in your body – regardless of your age or physical condition. You will learn to move with more awareness and intention, in proper alignment and pain free.

Pilates is ideal for all levels of fitness. Depending on your individual needs, pilates can be very rehabilitative or it can be a serious, strenuous workout! That’s the beauty of the method – it meets you right where you need to be! boo



4 private sessions for $265


Karen Chappell, B.S, M.B.A, PMA®-CPT

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Karen began practicing pilates in the late 1990’s, as a mom with young children needing the strength and energy to keep up with them. As a group fitness instructor, she became intrigued with the challenges, yet simplicity, of the work. Desiring to learn more, she became certified to teach the mat work in 2002, through Powerhouse Pilates. She then went on to complete a comprehensive program encompassing 450 hours through Turning Point Studios in 2006. In 2010, she completed the Advanced Pilates Teacher Training Program, encompassing 950 hours, through the renowned Pilates Center of Boulder, CO. She received her national certification from the Pilates Method Alliance in 2012. Always a student, Karen regularly takes lessons and workshops with master pilates teachers to further her knowledge.

Karen has extensive experience with many ailments and injuries, including back pain, scoliosis, hip replacements, knee replacements, shoulder injuries, and foot injuries. She is known for her keen eye to detail, with specific attention to proper alignment and body mechanics. She especially enjoys working with people who have just finished physical therapy, yet are still not back to their previous selves.

Karen also mentors Teacher Trainees, helping them with coursework, practice teaching, and practical technique to help them prepare for and test out of their programs. Although she is primarily a classical teacher, she has mentored students from all different types of teacher training programs.


Pilates Lessons

Karen teaches in a beautiful classical pilates studio in Walnut Creek, CA. Minutes from Clayton, Concord, Pleasant Hill, Lafayette, Orinda, Alamo, Danville and San Ramon, the intimate setting lends itself perfectly for private or small group lessons. Since everyone’s needs are different, you will see improvement much quicker with individualized attention.

Single $85
Package of 5 $400 ($80)
Package of 10 $750 ($75)
Package of 20 $1,400 ($70)
Duet Lessons (pricing per person)
Single $55
Package of 5 $250 ($50)
Package of 10 $450 ($45)
Trio Lessons (pricing per person)
Single $40
Package of 5 $175 ($35)
Package of 10 $300 ($30)
New Clients  
4 Private Sessions $265
Mat Class Maximum of 6 students
Single $25
Package of 10 $200
Teacher Trainee Mentoring $75 per hour
To schedule a Pilates lesson please call (925) 207-4864 or use the contact form below.


Gratz Pilates Equipment – It makes a difference

Karen teaches on the best professional pilates equipment in the market, manufactured by Gratz Industries. The equipment becomes part of the exercise. You will notice changes in your body that you will not see with other equipment on the market.



Karen also teaches at:

Renaissance Clubsport
2805 Jones Rd.
Walnut Creek, CA 94597

Weekly Mat Classes:

Mondays at 4pm- The Hundred and More
Thursdays at 9am - Renaissance Clubsport
Fridays at 9am - The Hundred and More
Saturdays at 10am - Renaissance Clubsport


What clients say

I recently had knee replacement surgery and Karen always finds new ways to strengthen and stretch my knee. She pushes me, but not beyond what I can handle. I have made more progress working with Karen than I did doing PT! I really like how Karen makes pilates feel comfortable and safe for me.

Donna, student since 2009

When I first started with Karen, I had very weak and painful knees. Walking long distances was a challenge and climbing stairs was difficult. Since I have been doing pilates, my knees no longer bother me! I can climb stairs and walk distances with ease. I have developed more core strength, flexibility and a much better sense of balance. No matter what your level, Karen will make sure you succeed with her expertise, patience and encouragement.

Debbie, student since 2014

My body is very tight, especially my hamstrings and back. Karen has modified many exercises for me so that I am successful! She makes me move at a pace that is challenging, but doable. I end up achieving more than I thought I could. My pilates lessons have kept my body moving and allow me to travel, ballroom dance and do most anything that I want to do in my retirement.

Pat, student since 2009

Karen is able to understand your body and its quirks. She challenges you, yet is always mindful of your unique limitations and needs - even in a class setting. Karen’s style is very easy-going, positive and welcoming – especially for people new to pilates. Every time I leave class, I always feel better than when I came in. .

Elsa, student since 2011

Karen was my first pilates teacher and because of her, I decided to become a pilates teacher myself. She is a wealth of information and her passion for classical pilates comes through in her teaching. She especially knows how to work with people who have injuries or imbalances. She is my go-to resource when I have a student who has an injury that I am not familiar with. I consider her my mentor, and I continue to learn from her every time I see her.

Michele, pilates teacher and student since 2002

I was new to Pilates, and with Karen’s patient guidance, I have not only learned the exercises, but more importantly correct alignment and form. She always tailors the workout to my needs, and I have gained strength and flexibility as a result. I appreciate her full attention and dedication to my progress.

Diane, student since 2011


“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

Joseph Pilates, 1945



New Students

Studio Polices
  • All sessions by appointment only.
  • Cancellations require 24 hour notice. Late cancellation will result in being charged for that missed appointment.
  • All sessions are non-refundable.
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Please download and complete the following registration forms and bring them to your first lesson. Paper copies of the forms are available in the studio, if needed.

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